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Elevate your wellness routine with our Signature Spas Platinum NSC1 cold plunge tub. Our patented technology gives this tub the dual benefits of a cold plunge and a hot tub. Choose the way you choose to unwind by chilling to 37ºF or heating to a steamy 104ºF. Indulge in total relaxation with 12 strategically placed therapeutic jets, designed to deliver a perfect blend of gentle and targeted muscle relief whether you’re soaking in hot or cold water.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the Signature Spas Platinum NSC1’s spacious yet compact design ensures versatility, and its plug-and-play setup makes unwinding effortless. You can even give your tub a personal touch with upgraded interior acrylic colors. Embrace the luxury of dual-temperature therapy and unwind like never before with the solo plunge Signature Spas Platinum NSC1.

- Single person plunge or spa
- Chills to 37ºF
- Heats to 104ºF
- Comes standard with custom cover
- 12 therapeutic jets for maximum results
- Integrated ozone water filtration system
- Stunning LED light features
- Pop-up waterfall feature
- Acrylic Colors – Sterling.
- Choice of beautiful cabinet color – chestnut or graphite.

SKU: Signature NSC1
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Load Capacity

Single seats for an unmatched solo spa experience. 




75 Minimum
90 Maximum

NSC1  Features

- Foam Cover Included
- Comfort Cushion Headrest
- Extreme Insulation
- LED Lighting
- Ozone

-Color Options: Sterling, chestnut or graphite.
-Pop-up Water Falls
-Heat or Chill
-12 LPI Black Jets
-Proudly Made In The USA

Warranty Information

Structure: 10 Years
Shell: 5 Years
Major Components: 5 Years
Plumbing: 5 Years
Labor: 2 Years
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